Amethyst Soul, in its entirety is created in pure passion & love. Touching the intrinsic nature of our souls through our ancestral ways of the earth with mother nature’s medicine. This shop focuses on skincare, holistic health, wellness and chakra balancing, all whilst sharing profound thoughts of encouragement. All in all, healing naturally and organically. A time where natural healing has become more prominent, as it should be.

An Amethyst is a powerhouse stone, the most powerful and effective of all healing crystals. Amethyst connects us to our higher power. Linked to the element of wind, it is believed to activate the mind and assist in clairvoyance and intuition. Allowing us to reconnect with our own divinity. A thoughtful choice in the rebirth and renewal of an enlightened being. Nature has all the healing properties we need, therefore her interests and creations of such come naturally. 

The significance of "Amethyst Soul" goes back to a name given to Katina, the creator, by herself. Amethyst is her birthstone, purple being her favorite color since childhood. Soul- baring all that she is. She is a mother of four first, and began to seek out natural holistic alternative medicine in methods for herself and her family. Surviving and surpassing life's trials and tribulations, managing depression and anxiety, she fell in a deep sense of finding and re-claiming her power from within. In time, she grew to share her findings, creations and knowledge with others. She has always been a giver and the enjoyment she embodies from helping others with such things as home remedies, recipes, health/wellness, daily inspiration and words of encouragement, drove her into the right direction to do what she loves. Her extreme love of self and community advocacy brings an extension to each and every one of you. Energetically, her vibrations run deep. Facilitating love in all that she touches.